1. Download by hovering your mouse over the form until the hand comes up then click and print the 2020 Client Claim Form.

Please ensure you have the latest Adobe PDF reader to view this document.

2. Read the Claim Submission guide carefully to ensure that your claim is assessed quickly Claim Submission Guide.

2.The completed and signed Claim Form together with legible copies of all related documents can be emailed to yourclaim@stratumbenefits.co.za.

3. From receipt of all the relevant documentation, the claim should be finalised within 14 working days. Please ensure that your contact details are clearly recorded so that you can be contacted if outstanding documents are required.

4.  Documents Required:

  • Completed Stratum Benefits Claim Form (attached – All required fields need to be completed).
  • Updated medical aid membership certificate.
  • Medical Scheme Transaction history/Statement/Remittance Advice. (Please request the latest version directly from your Medical Scheme – this statement reflects the amounts claimed and paid by your Scheme for the Respective Doctor(s)/Specialist(s)
  • Respective Doctor(s)/Specialist(s) Accounts for which you are claiming
  • Hospital Account.
  • Proof of payment for any of the claimed shortfalls / Co-Payments for which you may have already made payment.

5. Claims Process:

Claims must be fully complete with all the required documents and emailed to yourclaim@stratumbenefits.co.za before they will be loaded by Stratum into their claims queuing system.

Claims that are submitted without all the above requirements results in your claim not passing the initial assessment stage and cause unnecessary delays in finalising your claim. 

Once you have all the documents the claim can be sent to yourclaim@stratumbenefits.co.za

Claim Submission Guide

2020 Client Claim Form