If you or a dependant are 64 years of age or younger at the time of submitting your application your 2020 options are as follows:

1) Co-Evolution Plan

Individual Member Option – R266 per month


Family Option – R336 per month

This option covers Specialists in-hospital up to an additional 500%.


Co-payments cover limited to R50,000 per year.

2) Elite Plan

Individual member Option – R372 per month


Family Option – R450 per month

This covers the same benefits as Co-Evolution


Oncology Benefits


Sub-Limits benefit up to R30,000 per event to a maximum of R60,000 per person per year.


Important Note:

If you select an Individual Member Option because you currently have no dependents to be covered it is your responsibility to advise us of any changes to your requirements.  For Example: engagement, marriage or childbirth.

Failure to notify us of such changes would result in your dependents not being covered for any shortfalls.

2020 GetGap Application Form 64 and Younger